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2014 First Novel Fête

December 8, 2014 MORE



Notes on Fiction: 

Orfeo by Richard Powers

November 21, 2014 MORE



Fiction Futures: Monica McFawn

November 20, 2014 MORE



CFA/Sisters in Crime: Ruth Rendell

November 19, 2014 MORE



KidsRead: Frank Einstein and the Antimatter Motor by Jon Scieszka

November 17, 2014 MORE



In Conversation: Atticus Lish and Daniel Long

November 13, 2014 MORE



Nuruddin Farah

November 12, 2014 MORE



What We See When We Read with Francoise Mouly

November 11, 2014 MORE



Michelle Bailat-Jones

November 6, 2014 MORE



Patrick Flanery

November 4, 2014 MORE



KidsRead: Same Sun Here 

by Neela Vaswani

October 30, 2014 MORE



Big Read: Paul Collins

on the Life of Edgar Allan Poe

October 30, 2014 MORE



The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

October 29, 2014 MORE



Big Read: Edgar Allan Poe

Notes on Fiction concert

October 23, 2014 MORE



KidsRead: The Tell-Tale Start 

by Gordon McAlpine

October 20, 2014 MORE



An Evening with Trollope

October 16, 2014 MORE



Fiction Futures:

2014 NYC Emerging Writers Fellows

October 15, 2014 MORE



CFA: Christian Jungersen

and Megan Abbott

October 14, 2014 MORE



KidsRead: ghostgirl by Tonya Hurley

October 8, 2014 MORE



In Conversation:

Alix Christie and Sena Jeter Naslund

October 8, 2014 MORE



Big Read: Alison Gaylin, Peter Straub, and Patrick McGrath

October 7, 2014 MORE



Fiction Futures:

Anita Shreve and Katy Simpson Smith 

September 30, 2014 MORE 



Notes on Fiction: Marie-Helene Bertino

September 25, 2014 MORE 



Fiction Futures: Rene Steinke

and Bret Anthony Johnston

September 18, 2014 MORE



Fiction Futures: 
David Ryan and Rick Moody

September 17, 2014 MORE



On Elena Ferrante:

Ann Goldstein, Roxana Robinson,

and Stacey D'Erasmo 

September 16, 2014 MORE





Writer to Writer: Kate Zambreno

and Jenny Offill

June 26, 2014 MORE



Stuart Dybek: Ecstatic Cahoots:

Fifty Short Stories 

 and Paper Latern: Love Stories

June 24, 2014 MORE



In Conversation: Michael Carroll

and Alden Jones

June 18, 2014 MORE



Women in Crime: Hank Phillippi Ryan

June 5, 2014 MORE



Writer to Writer: Sheila Kohler

and Phillip Lopate

June 3, 2014 MORE



On "Unlikeable" Characters in Contemporary Fiction

May 28, 2014 MORE



In Conversation: Francine Prose

and Rivka Galchen

May 21, 2014 MORE



Emerging Writer Fellows Reading

May 19, 2014 MORE



Writer to Writer: Zachary Lazar

and Dana Spiotta

May 15, 2014 MORE



A Stefan Zweig Conversation: 
George Prochnik and James Lasdun

May 14, 2014 MORE



In Conversation: Anne Germanacos

and Hilary Plum

May 8, 2014 MORE



CFA Master Class: Joseph Kanon

May 6, 2014 MORE



A Tribute to Bernard Malamud

May 1, 2014 MORE



In Conversation: Jaime Clarke

and Charles Bock

April 30, 2014 MORE



Celebrating NOON's 15th Anniversary

April 24, 2014 MORE



The Common and Guernica:

Who Do You Write For?

April 22, 2014 MORE



CFA Master Class: Joyce Carol Oates

April 17, 2014 MORE



In Conversation: Jack Ketchum

and Laurie Lamson

April 15, 2014 MORE



Writer to Writer: Akhil Sharma

and George Packer

April 9, 2014 MORE



The Art of War:

Jennifer Vanderbes and Phil Klay

April 10, 2014 MORE



The Art of Memoir:

Elizabeth Nunez and Louise DeSalvo

April 9, 2014 MORE



Writer to Writer:

Alena Graedon and Teddy Wayne

April 8, 2014 MORE



Astoria to Zion: An Ecotone Anthology

April 7, 2014 MORE



Celebrating Epiphany; A Literary Journal

April 2, 2014 MORE



Notes on Fiction:

Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said

March 28, 2014 MORE



Robert Coover: 

The Brunist Day of Wrath

March 27, 2014 MORE



CFA Master Class: Lisa Unger

March 25, 2014 MORE



KidsRead: An Army of Frogs

by Trevor Pryce

March 19, 2014 MORE



Calliope Author Readings

March 18, 2014 MORE



Notes on Fiction: Grimm's Fairy Tales

March 7, 2014 MORE



Writer to Writer:

Mary Morris and Valerie Martin

March 6, 2014 MORE



Drew Perry: Kids These Days

March 4, 2014 MORE



Rebecca Mead: My Life in Middlemarch

February 26, 2014 MORE



In Conversation:

Adam Wilson and Peter Mountford

February 20, 2014 MORE



CFA Master Class: Michael Connelly

February 12, 2014 MORE



In Conversation:

A.M. Homes and Dorthe Nors

February 11, 2014 MORE



Fact & Fiction:

David Finkel and Roxana Robinson

January 22, 2014 MORE